Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Chapter Invisible

We bid a fond farewell to our Brothers who have passed on...

Stanley L. Johnson, Jr. Charter Member
Clayton L. Reid Charter Member
Sherman E. Williams Charter Member
Tom Dabney The Dynamic Ten
Larry Simmons The Dynamic Ten
Edward Jolley The Invincible 15
Ivan Smith The Invincible 15
William "Bill" Owens The Invincible 15
Art Alston The Dirty Dozen
George Brown The Dirty Dozen
Stephen Hill The Dirty Dozen
Norris Hite, Sr. The Unconquerable Ten
Kyle Singer The Octant
Oran V. Brown Naughty 19 (Gamma Omega)
William "Fox" Jones, Jr. The Significant Six
Tyrone Burkett Phantom 33 (Delta Theta)
Edward Muse (Philadelphia Alumni)