Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Norristown Silhouettes



The Norristown Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity members were scheduled to host the Northeastern Province Council meeting in March, 1999. The members realized that the wives of their brothers would need to be entertained in an elegant way. With this in mind, the local wives organized an interest meeting on July 9, 1997. The first official meeting was held on September 13, 1997, which resulted in the chartering of the Norristown Alumni Silhouette Chapter. The chartering members were; Veronica Brown (President), Roslyn Kilson (1st Vice President), Patricia Augustus Gilbert (2nd Vice President), Eileen Pelzer (Recording Secretary), Donna P. Allen (Corresponding Secretary), Deanna Minnis (Financial Secretary), Patricia Sawyer (Treasurer), Audrey Badger (Chaplain), Sandra Watkins (Journalist), Deborah Bumbry, Carlotta Cage, Patricia Clisby, Barbara Jackson, Brigitte Reeves Jones, Denise Jones, Sandra Sharp, and Dorothy Rush.

The Silhouettes assisted the men of the Norristown Alumni Chapter in planning and organizing a very successful Northeastern Provincial meeting and have continued to support them both locally and nationally. Silhouettes continue to meet on a regular schedule and have developed a strong bond with each other over the years.

Silhouettes believe in public and community service and are committed to the initiatives of the National Kappa Alpha Psi Silhouettes which include: Breast Cancer Awareness and the support of the Black Family in Crisis. In addition, the Norristown Silhouettes award book scholarships to African American female students graduating from High schools within the Norristown area and are matriculating to an accredited institution of higher education.

The Norristown Silhouettes continue to support all fund raising activities of the Norristown Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,and have consistently donated to the National Foundation of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


2017 - 2019 Officers

President    Trina N. Jones 
1st Vice President    Patricia Augustus Gilbert 
2nd Vice President    Wanda Woodruff 
Recording/Corresponding Secretary    Greta Harden Daniels 
Financial Secretary   Deanna Minnis
Treasurer   Margaret Peoples Marsh
Chaplain   Carmella Merke
Historian   Denise Baker
Sergeant-at-Arms   Janet Medley



Denise Baker

Veronica Brown

Greta Harden Daniels

Yvette Franklin

Pat Augustus Gilbert

Carole Hodges

Trina N. Jones

Rosalyn Kilson

Kim Manison

Margaret Peoples Marsh

Deanna Minnis

Janet Medley

Carmella Murphy Merke

Eileen Pelzer

Sarah Powell

Shelley Robinson

Andrea Ross

Sandra Sharp

Wanda Miles Woodruff

Michelle B. Young


*Province Officers

Northeastern Province Coordinator
  Sandra Sharp
Northeastern Province Treasurer   Rosalyn Kilson